Hi Everybody,
I have been looking at an interesting camera. It came from a long closed photography studio in a nearby town. The studio operated from about 1978 until 1994 and then closed. They used this camera in this studio. It says Horseman Press on it and has serial #403427. I has a lens marked Horseman PS 1/3.5 f105cm #843090 Seikcosha SLV.

I have looked on the web for information but find very little on Horseman. It also has two roll film backs that say Horseman 10exp/120 on them and they are lever advance style.

I did not take any photos yet of it. The elderly lady that owns this camera seem a bit fragile and I did not want to cause too much fuss at the time I viewed it.

Any information that you can share with me concerning this camera would be most appreciated. I know this is not alot of information to work with. I would like to purchase this camera from her and would like to see if it would be useful for my landscapes. I hike into the remote woods and take photos of old mines and equipment and love black and white film.

I have never seen a Horseman camera before and would love some opinions from the forum. Thankyou all for your help.