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Why would a punter who just bought a digital camera want to take a film class? Especially when you can learn the same basics on the camera he has. People want to learn how to use the equipment they have purchased.
Because, buying a digital camera does not impart knowledge that is not already there. Just as buying a paint by numbers art kit does not make one a Picaso. Having expensive Equipement and then not being able to squeeze the most out of it is ignorant. Ignorance is not the same as stupid it is simply the lack of information and we can impart that knowledge to make others better equipped and at the same time make aliving ourselves as well as introducing them to the pleasure of film, well that is just a bonus.

Instead of trying to come up with reasons why it won't work, take this as a jam session and maybe run with it in your own area, you never know unless you try and can't expect to succeed where no effort is put forth.