I have the one that will do about 10 11x14. I find that if you don't do a rinse after fix 2 with fb (I do tf-3, and don't rinse), it takes a long time ( a few hours of water flowing)to wash prints well.

Here is my work around: My rocking rack print washer washer sitls in the laundry room in a deep laundry sink, beside a top load washing machine.

I don't leave water in it all the time; the algae growth and subsequent bleach soak cleaning and rinsing takes more water than just to dump it.

I put the fresh from the fixer prints into the rack, and then pour in about 40 L of water from a couple of buckets filled from a fast faucet.

Usually I print in the evening after diner, so the second fix stage happens about 11:30pm or later. After fill pouring, I hoist the print basket up and down a couple of times to agitate and then just leave the thing sit all night.

In the morning I go down, pull the basket, and pour the initial tank into the clothes washer to be used a day or two later as it's first fill when we do a load of laundry.

I fill the washer again with pails, and leave it to rock. The freqency is about once per second; slower and it stalls, faster it locks up and sprays everywhere. I leave it run for maybe an hour while eating brekfast and getting ready to go. Then the water gets shut off.

When I come home, I pull the prints, squeege then and lay them on print drying screens. I have tested the washing, and with a Kodak HT-1A dye bleach test, find that this regime washes as well as leaving the thing to rock and use up less water than from a long time running hose.