Hi all,

I've done a bit of reading (and searching on APUG) wrt Bleach Bypass. Clearly one can bypass the bleach stage altogether which will result in serious contrast, but what surprises me is that people recommend underexposing by a stop in order to bring some of the highlights back, presumably in favour of lost shadows. Surely it would be a much better approach to pull the film by a stop, i.e. overexpose and then underdevelop the film? That way, you ought to be able to get less-crazy contrast while still having the desaturated look.

So, any suggestions on first-dev times to try for a pull?

As for re-development, can someone please explain the technical difference between rehal and non-rehal bleaches? As I understand it, a rehal bleach will make the emulsion light-sensitive again whereas a non-rehal will not, therefore E-6 uses a rehal bleach in order to perform reversal fogging, correct? And C-41 uses a non-rehal bleach just to "un-develop" all the silver before fixing it all out.

The bit I care about: assuming I apply a non-rehal (C-41) bleach to completion, I can then re-develop the latent image directly afterwards, can't I? Or must it be a rehal bleach to get that behaviour? I intend to do colour-dev, bleach, rodinal, fix to get a partial bleach-bypass look.

Any suggestions on times for Rodinal, D76 or XTOL for redeveloping C-41 negs?