guitstik, I should have said in my post, I wish you success in your endeavor. If you do end up teaching some seminars, I hope you'll let us know how well they were received by the students. If you use film and film cameras in your seminars, I suspect you'll attract mainly people who are interested in film photography. I'd be interested in knowing what percentage of your students use film cameras only, digital cameras only, or both.

Rick A, I don't see it as a US versus THEM issue, and I didn't mean for my comments to be taken that way. I just think it is natural that people will gravitate toward instruction that is based on equipment most similar to their own. I wouldn't enroll in a landscape photography workshop geared toward digital or film SLR users, for example, if my landscape interests were soley large format black & white. There might be useful content for me, but it's just too far removed from the skills I'm trying to develop with the type of equipment I have. I think that's the potential hangup with guitstik's idea.