Well, I shot the film, rated it at 80 and fired away. So far, so good.

Mixed the Kodak E-6 chems to process, bad news. The first developer mixed alright, color looked good. Second developer, not so good, color looked alright from first pouch, second pouch was the killer, crystalized and wouldn't go into solution. Step three chems seemed alright, but second pouch was waxy and had floaties. Stabilizer was alright.

What the hey< tried them anyway. Developed at 70f, read where it would be safer, less base fog. Ran through the entire sequence to pull out ------blank film.

Well, the plus side, I practiced on my Jobo CPE-2, worked like a champ. The lift and motor work very well. I even heated it up to check the therm unit out, thumbs up. Anybody have any experience with Arista three step kits?