Well, so far GTA wise with APUG functions this sumer I took in the Distillery District walk, and the Hamilton Harbour walk, and enjoyed my time at them.
Good locations, good weather, a bit of socializing, and not all the time spent talking gear.
I have some nice images to work on printing up from those outings.

I have processed all my B&W work for 25 years; c-41 and RA-4 and E-6 have been home processed for the last 5-6 years.
JD Photochem's closing will ultimately crimp my style, since the Formulary can't ship some of the DIY chems.
I may feel the need to visit a pal who now lives in Idaho just for a US shipping address for a few weeks close to them.

I order Kodak colour chemistry from Unisource and pickup from a warehouse here in Mississauga. This was discused in a thread here about 6 months ago.