Thanks Jim, your commendation is very encouraging & nice to hear.

Is this the M1 mordant post you're referring to? ->

Thanks also for the note on the conditioner. I tend to post in haste (post haste? haha) and often make erroneous claims only to learn otherwise down the road! It has been recommended that a dilute sodium acetate solution will act as a paper conditioner; given that I don't have any of the "official stuff".

Ultimately I'd like to hand-coat receiving paper, but having the M1 mordant formula might come in handy. In fact, I wonder if a plain gelatin coated paper, such as final-transfer papers in carbon, would work if mordanted in M1. I'm intrigued by the fact that these papers don't keep well. I guess I would have figured that these chemicals were fairly inert and would keep indefinitely. Does the M1 mordant have any hardening charactersitics?

The dye-imbibition system sure is a complicated beast. It's probably not any more complex than b&w silver-halide systems, but the fact that so few people practice it makes it much less prevalent in the "collective knowledge-base".