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The 55 1.2 is derided all over the net.
I have one and like it for what it does.

Contrast can suffer at large apertures but I don't find it to be "the dog" a lot of net experts claim.

In it's defense most normal 1.4's (I own about 5 of various manufacture) aren't that great wide open either.
Agreed, sir.

I still have the one I purchased new when I bought my F2 in the early 70s. I was in college and working at Disneyland for rent and food money. I wanted a lens that would allow photographs in very low light, since I was working night shifts and wanted to wander around after I was off. This lens did the trick nicely. And still does, as I still use the same camera/lens combination today.

I think that if the choice is between a slightly less than optimum quality photo, or no photo at all, there is no argument to be made. And unfortunately a NOCT was light-years out of the question.