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I've got a panoramic kit for my Mamiya 7II that came with the camera when I first bought it. I finally got around to using it last week - I borrowed a 43mm lens and loaded some 35mm panf+, making sure I revolvd the plate to the 135 setting. The resulting pictures were stunning, but the image quality was poor, really unsharp. I tried again with the 80mm lens and fp4+ but was still disappointed with the sharpness when enlarged on just 10x8 paper, compared with what I usually get using 120 film.

Has anyone else had this experience, or am i doing something wrong?
I read somewhere about this problems with the Mamiya 7 with panoramic insert. Maybe it was at the Mamiya forum, but I am not sure.
My guess is that the film is not sitting flat on the film plane. Lenses are more than sharp, that should not be the problem.