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That may be but, I'm up over 4% on the day, I could sell and get back the vig plus put a few bucks in my pocket, but I think I will ride this train for a while and see where it goes. It's not like I bought a million dollars worth of stock, just enough to say I have some.
Fair enough, there's no easy rule. I think that a likely investor needs to forget all preconceptions of what Kodak used to be, and where it all went wrong so far. Then look at its current prospects as a business in the area(s) it is now operating, and the likelihood of success and profitability in these fields in the present world economy and at this time.

It is probably too early to know whether a 4% bounce on one day is just a reaction to a too-low price on one day or the state of a trend.

(IDK...if I did, I be a millionaire. )