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Do not use the spring clips that come with the hardware. They are awful. They rust and they make for wavy mounts. Instead, a piece of mat board behind the frame fills the space. If there is a little more space left, cut 1" strips of mat board and use them as spacers.
Hmmm... !!!

I have had *no* problems with rust. Puzzling. Even the "yard sale" frames I've picked up have not been rusty.

I've gone both ways, "springy thing" and "pack it in with mat board" .. and I've settled on "springy things". Just don't forget to remove them if you disassemble the frame ... that is a SURE way to break the glass. Yes, glass. I once fell prey to the lure of acrylic... nearly twice the price of glass and scratches like crazy!

How do you mount (spray-dry, or ?) your photographs - or do you "hinge"? If found the greatest culprit in "wrinkling" prints was the "moisten with water" hinging tape. Absolutely awful. I once had to do an all-nighter to re-do a bunch of exhibition prints done with this stuff. They, very rapidly, assumed the appearance of well-done bacon.

If I hinge, I will use the stuff with peel-off backing (self adhesive).