I just let my film sit in Bath B until completion and use a stop afterit, with a few seconds of agitation, and gentle inversion every 2 minutes just to make sure it comes out even. I let it go to completion

Once I tried 0.34g/L KOH for Bath B with some KBr and development was weird and uneven, I could see shapes of stuff, but no definition within subjects and bad colour. You need plenty of alkali (by mass) available, pH level isn't enough on it's own.

The wrong developing agent gives a narrower density range within the image portion I've found as well.

If you've got your hands on C-41, then use the part C or which part your kit has the CD-4 agent in it to make your Bath A.

The films I use don't have iodide specified in their disclosed formulas, but you should try adding a small amount of potassium iodide to Bath B as well. That's also be in the C-41 kit, should be mixed in the alkali part iirc.. so you could make your Bath B from your C-41 part A.