I have been offered a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex by a friend. It has a leather never-ready case, hood, and two accessory lenses. I will see it this Friday. Any idea of an approximate value for a kit like this in good working condition? (And how likely is it that the camera will actually be in good working condition?) I want to make a fair offer, but not an overly generous one. Seems like they occasionally crack the $50 mark on E-Bay, but I am not sure about a kit with the extra lenses.

Is this a camera worth shooting? Are they solid with good lenses? Are they reliability nightmares? I am thinking it might make a good compact casual travel camera kit that is a step up from a point and shoot, but not quite to the level of a professional SLR system like the Nikon F. (To me "casual travel" usually involves taking the time for incident metering or sunny 16 exposures and careful compositions, but no tripod or flash, and generally no shooting of action or low light stuff.)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.