Thank you for your replies.

Scheimfluger_77, international shipping would make selling/buying this unit prohibitively expensive, your from the States, bet there are tons of them there, shop around.

Mike Wilde, I'll look into that, but my daily schedule might not accomadate this routine (or vice versa)

Jose LS Gil, This is the other type of Paterson washer (they came in two sizes: "Minor", which I have, and the "Major" which is of course larger, up to 12x16 if I remember correctly). The washer you have is the other type (don't know the name) I have a small one of those (up to 8x10) they are nice but I print bigger than that from time to time. All these fancy newer washers don't seem to be available in South Africa (don't know of anyone who has one, sells one, or has bought one locally)