You might want to pick up a copy of ANSI Standard PH3.108-1988 for 11x14 double cut film holder specifications. The standard lists all current dimensions for film holders (ranging in size from 2 1/4x3 1/4 up through 16x20, I think...I don't have a copy of it in front of me at the moment but I'll try to dig it out and email the 11x14 specs to you if you want...I also saw them posted on the internet recently but didn't bookmark the URL...Googling should find it).

Unless you are trying to design around new Fidelity holder dimensions, I think you will run into problems by just borrowing any old holder for comparison. Many of the old holders/cameras were not of a standard size. There are Korona, Sterling, Fidelity, Hoffman, Graphic, Kodak, Burke & James, etc., holders and each may have different dimensions, not only outside but inside (t-distance, etc.) as well.


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I have completed a couple of previous projects and am now ready to start on my quest to build an affordable film holder for ULF cameras. David Goldfarb was kind enough to send me measurements from one of his, but I would like to have a commonly used holder in my possession to compare fit in a used back I recently purchased.

My own 11x14 camera uses a back of my own design with film holders i designed that are non-compatible with standard holders. Thus my need for a "standard" holder. I would pay shipping back and forth if anyone wants to loan me one for a couple weeks. I will mail you a replacement deposit before you send it.

Or, if someone has a cracked or mangled one I could buy that off you for a fair price. When I am done I will send you one of the prototypes to evaluate, and if you like it, you can have it for the cost of materials.