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Macodirect has the Ultra Endura too which is the only paper left that Kodak makes and recommends for optical printing. Expensive compared to expired rolls of Supra Endura (pre-VC Digital), Metallic (pre-VC Digital) and Supra III which cost the same or less than a pack of paper cut by Macodirect as Kodak doesn't cut them anymore; hence the white boxes.
Thats what i was talking about, haven't tried it yet but i spent all evening yesterday reading Apug discussions and found out that the Fuji paper is indeed contrasty at room temp development, when my chemicals arrive i'm going to print side by side both at room temp and at 35 and post here,
if it doesen't work out i'm going to try the kodak Endura HD paper(is also supposed to be optimized for optical printing)