Hi, I have the SLR version with a built in meter (battery availibility is an issue) and a couple of interchangeable 35mm magazine backs (quite handy). It is heavy, but solidly made. Mine too has a shutter which requires a service but have been told the surrounding mechanism's complexity causes many repairers to shy away or charge more as it not a straightforward job. The viewfinder blanks out immediately after exposure (mirror only returns to viewing position when winding on) but I soon got used to this, funnily enough. I still enjoy using the camera mainly because I enjoy using well engineered cameras, and because of the very high quality of the Tessar lens, which is superb. The viewfinder view is very clear too. I have enough "usable" shutter speeds left working on it to make using worthwhile for now, and may consider a full service sometime in the future. I don't think they are particularly valuable, but if you don't mind its idiosyncrasies you might find it very rewarding.