Anamorphic pinhole camera , 6 cms to 17 cms record , homemade , deep anamorphic effect , extreme easy to build and lots of fun
If you want to see the construction details from many experimenters , visit forums , ten thousands of free to view images , extreme active forıum and very nice people
camera is lightweight if you dont want to build like someone build it with thick aluminum plate
I advise to build that camera before investing heavyweight cameras.
You can use 250 microns pinhole from lenox laser and best technology cost you 20 dollars.
If you have no money for pinhole , you can create to dig a hole to aluminum folio with needle.

Other camera 35 film user , lomo spin camera , 360 degrees , very sexy camera and cost 145 dollars , you can make it with a lenox slit and some creativity.

There are slit panorama camera plans at google and you can make a very sexy camera , with lens and slit or only with a slit.

good luck ,