I just received a 12"x305' roll of Kodak ektacolor edge paper and I would like to cut it into 12" squares. I have worked out a procedure and would like to benefit from the advice of others who have experience with this.

First, the paper came in a brown paper wrapper with a yellow Kodak label on it. Is it alright to remove it from this wrapper in the light without exposing anything? I.e., is there an inner (presumably all yellow) wrapper? Should I invest in a light tight bag to hold the remainder of the roll after cutting some pieces? Or would a black garbage bag work?

I plan to use my wife's Fiskars rotary paper trimmer to cut the paper in total darkness; I'll probably put the paper roll on a horizontal dowel to facilitate feeding the paper.

Should I wear gloves when handling the paper? I am a bit worried about fingerprints (though I routinely handle the paper without gloves when enlarging). I am also worried about scratching the emulsion when feeding the paper.

I am probably making more of an issue of this than I should -- any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Warren Nagourney