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hi dan

you can probably get a 6x9 roll film holder ( for a lf camera if you have one )
and dremmel it out to fit your desired aspect ratio the problem will be figuring out how to wind the film so you get what you want ...
seems like a lot of trial + error . you could also get the same roll film holder and modify a darkslide to cut the film in half
and flip it to get 2 2.75 x 9 views on each 6x9 exposure ... ( less trial + error )

jeff's suggestion of daYi back sounds the best ...
i wish i had one !

John, I didn't ask about modifying a back for pano work. But I'm not sure your suggestion will work. The roll holders I'm familiar with don't have the real estate needed to enlarge the gate. Bryce Alvarez, who's told me what he went through to make a long holder out of a couple of Adapt-A-Roll 620s, made it seem very difficult. He's a good machinist, said he wouldn't do it again.

I'm with you on the DaYi, except that I can't convince myself to add a 4x5 Crown to the kit.

Another possibility if the goal is simply a long low image is to convert a Folding Pocket Kodak to 120 film. Its been done, but the result is effectively a crop from a shot taken with a normal lens.