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I infer three things from this, rightly or wrongly and you can tell me which are right or wrong

1. It is more contrasty at room temp developing than at 95F. Too contrasty to be acceptable?

2. It is more contrasty at room temp than say Kodak Supra Endura paper

3. You have had no experience of room temp casts( I think magenta was mentioned) at room temp dev

If all of the above are right then short of using dev at 95F what steps can be taken to tame the contrast.


1. Never tried Fuji CA at 95F. I tried Endura hot and room temp and found no difference and so far haven't thought to try Fuji CA hot.

2. I find it more contrasty than Supra Endura for sure.

3. No magenta cast.

I actually like the contrast for some shots. I use the Enura as a low contrast paper. Depending on the negatives you can tame the contrast somewhat, overexposing some C-41 film gives it more pastel tones and lower contrast.

To mfratt, my results at room temperature are completely consistent, no problem there even using the chemicals beyond recommended capacities and lifetimes.