I did a little research on Vibachrome awhile back. The company that markets this product is Duggal which is out of New York. They make a lot of silly claims about the comparisons with Ilfochrome.

Vibachrome is no more than FujiChrome Super Gloss (Type R). They called it their exclusive process because the process is pretty much (as for as I know) has been discontinued in the states about 3 years ago. Still available in Japan. It's known as "poor man's cibachrome". It has the same polyester back but not the same feel or the stable dies that Ilfochromes are known for.

Here is a previous thread on the this topic:

Please read Jorge's response. It's true!!!

Here is Fuji's Specs on Super Gloss:

I have used both products and nothing compares to a well done Ilfochrome (aka Cibachrome).

Shane Knight