Horizons play between 170 to 450 , depending on the model. White ones cheaper . There is 120 format horizons also but they are more expensive.
If you want to mask 66 gate , Kiev 60 is just like a tank , very sexy camera and cheaper than 150 , some find at bay for 100.
There is a special page devoted to latest horizons and many examples at lomography.com.
They are small cameras not like as they seem at pictures. Plastic is dull and looks like cheap and mechanism is sound like cheap at 202.
Newer cheaper horizons have a weaker lens and people complain.
Aluminum Horizons are soviet made and heavy but can mechanism have a problem.
If you want to buy , dont do it without seeing the real camera. New horizons are lightweight.
Look at spinner , costs 145 and very funy camera to use.
I strongly advise a black kiev 60 + CLA.
You can find lots of excellent lenses from 30 to 25000 Soviet Made.