An Ornano technician told me on the phone that the I-96 Stabilizer of their E-6 kit KI-90 contains everything you need and also hardener. I presume it does not contain an antistatic though, as their catalogue advice adding Nostat-X-plus, which is an antistatic product to be added to the stabilizer.
I suppose other E-6 stabilizers are made in a similar way, they contain a hardener but not a stabilizer.
My original reason to call Ornano was to know if the I-96 also contained an agent for avoiding water marks.

I dry film at high temperature for around 10', the film curls a lot during drying and reverts to a more normal flatness after a while.

Contrary to popular belief, I find film to be very easily scratchable, I don't know about printing, but when I scan at 4000ppi I see scratches if I cleaned the film with some film cleaner (and I do blow air copiously before cleaning).

I try to touch and clean the film the least that I can, use cotton gloves when cutting it into stripes and always wash my hands with soap before touching film stripes.