OK, here are the results.

Bertus gave us three great entries. The colour one in Germany brought back so many memories! It can indeed be a colourful place over there, in Sumer. The "legs for sale" one really cracked me up! Do folks actually sell THAT at markets? Amazing!

Sly gave us 4 very nice entries. The first one with the rainy day really touched home as we've been under a wet spell over here and I could well relate to the feeling. And the execution with plenty of grain is just perfectly suited. The last one with the portrait of the girl is a great moment capture. Just a little bit more of "market" in it (maybe the background?) and it'd have been a winner for me.

hpulley came in late, but with an interesting shot that shows us you don't need miles and miles of markets to have something worth visiting!

elcabezagrande came up with a cracker of a shot. Simple, direct to the point, very sharp where needed and with great tonality. I'm also a sucker for leather hats, so that one rang close to home.

Diapositivo gave us a great shot, full of atmosphere. Just a little bit larger or a little more cropping and it'd have been perfect.

Kraker only entered two shots, but they had "markets" written all over them. I loved the "shiny objects one": it's one of the great attractions in markets, those tables full of trinkets! I know I spend hours at our local one, going through every table such as this one!

But the other one - Elmo - to me is just perfect. The incredible cacophony of things in the background is sooooo typical of local markets! It is indeed one of the main attractions of these events. And to have the little detail of Elmo popping up almost as a "me too!" is just the icing on the cake. The technical execution is also right up there, with plenty of smooth greys and the odd speck of white and black here and there, just enough to give it a bit of sparkle. Well done!

Carry on, Kraker: the assignment after next is all yours to decide!
And thanks everyone for all your great contributions. APUG is the winner here, with so many great entries!