I don't want to criticise Roberto's work but I would like to offer some suggestions:

In Italian is good practice not to make the plural of foreign words: sport alternativi, ha messo a segno due scoop.
So I would say Blog not Blogs, and Portfolio not Portfolios.

I would change Chat Room into "Chat" as this is common in internet parlance, or even better into "Conversazione" if not too long. Or even "Parla", or "Chiacchiere".

Rispondi "quotando" is an awful barbarism that, it alone, would discourage me from using the Italian interface. Rispondi citando.
Instead of "messaggio", which is more commonly used for one-to-one communications, I would say "testo", so Modifica testo.
"Quick Rispondi" should become "Risposta rapida" or anything else provided it is Italian, and in fact, when I want to send this post, I see "Invia risposta rapida" which is fine.
"Articles" should be "Articoli".
Links: I would not hesitate in using "Collegamenti". Otherwise, Link, without s.
"Classifieds" = "Annunci".
Gallery = Galleria
Videos = Filmati or, at least, Video without s.
Support Us! I would suggest Sostienici! or Donazioni.

Forum = Conferenze, or Discussioni, Sottoscrizione alle discussioni is a bit too literal, we say "Iscrizione" alle discussioni, but in this case is a list of subscribed threads, so "Temi partecipati" I would say.

My threads: I miei temi.
Subscribed threads = Temi partecipati.
New thread = Nuovo tema.

My posts = I miei testi (or Miei testi)

"Spy" I would suggest "Diretta".