Below invention relates to new disk which capable to record 25 terabytes and 200 times cheaper , made with titanium pentoxide nano powder and its sensivity to laser light and its working mechanism is creating non electric conducting zones with laser.

I dont know is it possible to make a continious degrade with it , and it can be used to read magnetic or electric field scanner.

It is also possible to inkjet your 01 ccd with this technology.

Here is a bad article about this technology .

Coupled with the spread of high-definition TV, DVD (1 layer per capacity 4.7GB) from Blu-ray (one space per layer 25GB) but today is expanding steadily and move to how the Blu-ray 200 optical materials have been found to achieve the capacity of the new times.

Despite the ridiculous high capacity, cost of materials such as DVD and Blu-ray was far lower compared with what has become very promising.

Mainichi reported that not only illuminate, and metal oxide can be switched through a difficult and vulnerable state through electricity, University of Tokyo professor Ookoshi Shiniti seem to have found their team.

This is Prof. Okoshi, catalytic materials by irradiation of raw materials and powder “photocatalyst“is widely used as a” kind of titanium oxide, “paying attention to five titanium atom and three oxygen atoms The combined “three titanium pentoxide,” we examined the nature of nanocrystals made of ultraviolet ray crystal structure changes and shed light wavelength corresponding to near-infrared laser, the semiconductor nature of electricity through the difficult it became clear that things change.

She also confirmed the change in the opposite may occur, the most common “titanium dioxide” nano-particles, by heating in a furnace with hydrogen injection, “the three titanium pentoxide” easy nanocrystals that was developed to make.

However, DVD and Blu-ray disc that is used for rare metals such as germanium and, newly discovered “three titanium pentoxide” nanocrystals is about one hundredth of the price higher safety to be used as an optical material, in light of similar intensity conventional disk and Blu-ray is about 200 times more information can be recorded on the disk.

The future is likely that aims to collaborate with companies for the commercialization of large currently the most simple arithmetic to realize if 2TB (2000GB) model HDD 2.5 times the per piece 1 5TB (5000GB) for the birth of a disk capable of recording now, because it requires a disc several tedious “HDD done in one optical disc to back up,” I think will make it easier tasks such as .

Incidentally, science journal articles published “Nature Chemistry” is published