Hi Ted

This question is very close to the bone for me as a Lab Owner that processes film, not E6 but C41 and BW.

The short answer to your question the film will be fine, do a clip test and make your adjustments with the balance.

The long answer , is that Our Lab is deciding to no longer run colour film or for that matter single run black & White for clients that we have not historically run film for.
We will still run Black and White for clients we know are buying fresh film, and we will only run our personal colour film .* we do a lot of this*

Over the last five years , our technicians and myself have found the film being supplied to us is in some cases, rolled so tight , curly and long expired.
This film requires longer times to load, more handling problems and now we are seeing cross curves or imperfections in the film that we never would of experienced in the not so long ago film days.
No matter what we do or say, we are open to problems and like many other E6 labs and C41 labs we are deciding to stop processing suspect film.
There are labs that recover old film, but they specialize in old film and there is no question of the film being old, so both parties are aware of the potential problems.
I use single shot Jobo's and basically each run is the same as what we did 15 years ago, but what is changing is photographers are buying outdated film for a buck or two and then exposing it,, who knows what storage conditions, but you can bet , if there are problems the first finger points to the Lab.

This may seem silly on us to take this position, but we have built a reputation on good process, and are not willing to wreck havoc on our past good work.
We do make mistakes , but with film its not fixable, like redoing a print or re mount a print.

There are threads popping up on the different forums where photographers are complaining about bad process of labs.. I think we will not try to be in this mix.