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Coming out in one year with two portfolios of major, living photographers (Caponigro & Tice) is not what I call useless. Glad to see this improvement in the magazine in both quality of reproductions and quality of photographers featured.

As to Tice, the portfolio made me realize that I need more of his books to better understand his work. Now if I could just find a workshop with him (don's see any for him in the Maine listing).
That has been on my wish list for a while. The best workshop I've taken so far was with John Sexton, but I would absolutely love to take one with Tice. He's one of my favourite printers, maybe my absolute favourite. I wonder if I could get enough people together, if perhaps he would agree to do a workshop (I don't think he does Maine anymore).

If you're interested in more of his work, I'd strongly suggest Urban Landscapes (2002). What a book. It is a good cross section of his career, and the print quality is excellent. It also contains his most popular and well known New Jersey urban images. It is a much more fair way to evaluate his work, particularly as a printer. While I enjoyed the images in View Camera, there was something odd about how they were printed (I'm not talking about the magazine printing, but how they original prints must have looked) - particularly the night scenes that had blown out highlights and stuff. That is not normally how his stuff looks.

Point taken regarding View Camera. I agree this has been a pretty good year so far.