Is there a way to see new forum posts in more than one language?

As many here, as soon as I open the APUG home page I click on "Forum" and then click on the link for new messages. But this links creates a page with new messages only within the English forum. That's why I almost never see the new French threads.

I would like to see the new posts in, let's say, English, Italian and French fora. This, I think, is important for the success of the localized fora.

Otherwise, I will have to remember to go and check the Italian fora, and then the French fora, explicitly for new threads. Being those fora new and not much lively, after a while one loses the habit of checking the "local language" fora, and goes on with his habit of only reading, and participating, in the English forum.

If instead "local language" new threads were visible with the English ones, even the occasional thread would attract the attention of those who subscribed to that forum.

I hope this is feasible or I fear the non-English fora will go the same route of DPUG: nobody is there so nobody checks, nobody checks so nobody is there, no "network effect" so to speak.