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Most teenagers think they have a large circle of friends. But they are not real world, physical friends. They are virtualized checkmarks next to virtualized boxes highlighted with the virtualized printed word "Friend."

A lot of people in the world can no longer distinguish between these sorts of differences. Sadly, I think, a lot of those wouldn't care even if they could.

And that, in a nutshell, is why my own preference is for the physical reality of Traditional Photography, and not its virtualized cousin.
I can't let these curmudgeonly ramblings go untested

By this logic post office derived pen pals are real and natural because the paper exchanged between them is tangible, but Facebook friends are not real or natural because they exist in an electron cloud and not manifest on a physical medium derived from the periodic table and run through a pulp mill and paper press.

I think people can distinguish and see these sorts of one stop thermodynamic differences as not facts, but opinions. The photographic spectrum now adds Flickr and Facebook photographic exchanges to the self-labelled "traditional" mix.

And if I take a digital photo and EyeFi it to my Mac which then automatically prints a 4x6, how is this any different than a Polaroid?