We are more concerned about the incredible curl we are seeing with old film, once on the reels and processed not seeing much problem other than with old colour negative rolls.

I am loading a 150 roll job of old black and white now and it really is a PIA.

I use jobo systems and hand rolling onto plastic reels, We are not running dip and dunk where you could easily clip the top and weight the bottom and you are good to go.
I may feel different if I was using a big boy Refrema but those beasts need lots of film or their plots are hard to maintain.

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@ted_smith - The film should be absolutely fine....I'm currently using Astia expired 2007 and 2008 which was bought by me as "short-dated" around the time it expired. It has been frozen since for most of the time, then moved into the fridge for up to two-or-three months until needed.

@bobcarnie - My first reaction was surprise that old films were causing you so many lab problems, given that the expiry dates allow so much latitude, and that most analogue photographers are aware of the need to use fresh film for important work. But I guess that are always a few people who want to save a few $$, then need to blame someone else when things go wrong! (My old boss used to say "customers who want a cheap job won't later admit that they wanted a cheap job when it doesn't work out"!)