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last week we were investigating ilford range of products and prices.
We fell out of our chair when we saw the prices. Compaired to adox, i can not imagine that the ilford product is 200% better than adox.

The strange thing is that in the U.K. at two very competitive retailers Adox paper is more expensive than Ilford and over the recent period Adox paper has actually grown proportionally more expensive. In the kind of quantities that Adox and Ilford export to the rest of Europe in Ilford's case and into the U.K. in Adox's case I cannot believe that transport costs make that much difference.

So does both Ilford and Adox believe that "foreign" customers will pay more for a product than will domestic buyers? Is it the retailers/distributors who have a role in the matter rather than Ilford or Adox? I have no idea.

There has to be a reason for this kind of "price reversal" but what this reason is, will I am sorry to say, remain unanswered. We can speculate here on APUG to our heart's content but speculation is what it will remain.

I can only conclude that those who could answer questions such as this, do not believe it is in their interest to do so.