I have had the great fortune of studying with Tice back in the 70s. A friend showed me his book Paterson and I was immediately a fan. My friend and I were only a couple miles from Paterson, the City, sitting in his basement apartment smoking . . . well any way, we were both dedicated B&W large format photographers at the time, both born and raised in NJ, close by Paterson. When I heard Tice was doing a Master Class in B&W Printing at the New School in NYC, I got very excited. There was a required portfolio review that one had to participate in order to enter his class. I got in and the result was it forever changed the way I printed and the way I view B&W prints. To this day, 30+ years later, I gave my students a handout entitled, George Tice's Five Considerations When Judging Print Quality. I ran in to him last year at some gallery opening in Chelsea, and mentioned this to him. I think he was humbled a bit when I told him. This is a man who relates to photography and B&W printing, like it was a sacrosanct, or zen like pass time.