Never, ever use those useless, stupid lead bags for "x-ray protection". They just push the power on the gun up until they can see inside it...however, the best use for the lead bags is to keep high ISO film (Delta 3200) from accumulating atmospheric radiation fog.

In the US, HIE fits into the category of "specialized or professional films" and qualifies for hand inspection. See the TSA website for info.

However, once outside the US, plan on having things nuked. Constantly. Your best bet would be to buy your film there, but it's hard to say if you can get HIE anywhere near your destination.

I have actually gone through airports, passing my camera bag (minus film) through the x-ray without telling them, and put the film in a plastic bag on my person. Of course, this is all with rollfilm, which has no metal canister. With small format, I wouldn't try this.