artonpaper: I couldn't agree more. Although I haven't had the opportunity to meet him or work with him, the countless hours I spent studying the images in his books did more for my printing than any other book, photographer or course I can think of. It was also a revelation for me when I first discovered his style of printing. Prior to that I strove for the more typical "west coast" style, but my prints never looked quite right to me given the subject matter. Tice's prints changed everything for me. It made me work extremely hard at generating the type of print I had always subconsciously been after - one that might not necessarily be an immediate attention-getter, exquisitely detailed, but in a more subtle way that grows more and more interesting with repeated views.

However there are still many things I wish I could discuss with Tice in person. So many questions.

Tony Egan, I'm lucky enough to own a few Tice prints and they are indeed treasures. I don't own a lot of original art but the few Tice and Sexton prints I own are just amazing to have.