My ex has a 16 x 20 of the White Castle night shot. I hope she's enjoying it.

Tice's class was interesting. It was lecture with some demonstration and a final critique. Our assignment was to bring in 10 prints to the first sessions, and reprint them using what we learned in class. We never actually made prints during class. We were expected to work on our own. I think less than half the class did the final reprint. It was taught in a classroom with desks, and when he wanted top show us a demo, he set up a couple of folding tables with an enlarger and trays.

He also demonstrated Pt/Pd printing, using a clip on light with a UV taning bulb in place. Those bulbs no longer exist. I seem to remember he used Crane's stationary to print on. He had awesome visual aids. For instance he made an 8 x 10 inch grid of 2 inch squares monted on a board, of a variety of papers coated with Pt/Pd sensitizer and exposed and developed. The results made up one image, with every paper reacting in its own way, side by side, amazing.

Every week the best visual aids you would ever want to see. For instance he brought in a negative printed on every available brand of paper all toned in the same toner. Then he brought in about ten prints on one paper, toned in every available toner. He brought in one image printed through every f stop on the enlarger with the appropriate exposure adjustments. He brought in 9, 8 x 10 negatives, I think an image of a water tower, that made a full spectrum of over exposed, normal, and under exposed, coupled with over developed, normal, and under developed. He brought in prints he made from original negatives by Steichen, Weston and Atget. On and on.