At EK, I did a series of TAI levels with two AgClBr emulsions, one was 0.2 micron and the other was 1.0 micron. The TAI had no effect on the smaller grain emulsion but it had a huge effect on the coarse grained emulsion. The coarse grained emulsion became more developable by a large factor, and gained a small amount in speed. The work was written up but we did not go ahead with the R&D as they solved the speed / development rate of the coarse grained emulsion by another means. This work later was written up as a Research Disclosure or a Defensive Publication and is somewhere in the literature.

There was a slight difference in the halide ratios of the two emulsions to help with the grain size. We never were able to determine if this had anything to do with it. This was extrapolated into the AgCl field but not followed through. Ian has indicated a gain in development rate as well, but it is not clear if the washing or the TAI caused the effect of faster development that he has seen.