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Ditto. Life is too short to read all the posts that would join this thread. Each poster would tout what they themselves had bought for themselves so that they could pimp their favorite camera even though their camera would not be the best for your mother.

Check out KEH.com regularly to see what they get over the next few weeks.

Yes, I understand this. Really, this is more of a question for me since I never have had any interest in a P&S 35mm camera and was curious as to the offerings out there. It's a market I've never looked into and it looks like there's a lot of variety and options. Just having some fun and looking forward to getting my mum a camera she'll enjoy for years to come. I already got my father looking at a MF system

Thanks guys, that Nikon looks sweet too. I just picked up one off the Bay for 2.99 + 5.00 shipping and am looking at a L35AF as well.