Thanks for all the comments!!
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Wow, the 2nd and 11th images are great. Thanks for posting! Looks like you definitely had an All-American holiday.
Thanks! All-American no doubt, actually just got home from buckin' some hay
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I'm diggin that fireworks shot!

did you do the scanning and processing, or did you outsource? The reds in the Portra 160 sure are accenutated, how did you rate these different emulsions, box speed?

thanks for sharing!

I rated all of these at half box speed. the BW, Portra400, and 400h were all shot at ISO 200, the 160 was shot at 80.

I did the scanning and processing myself. My old boss lets me go in the back and do my own scanning and processing as long as I help out in the lab while i'm at it. These are pretty much straight off the Fuji Frontier. On the scanner I usually subtract a few points worth of cyan so the backlit pictures don't have blue skintones. The only thing I did was burn in a little bit on the B&W shots in photoshop and resize everything.
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Really nice photos.

I really miss BW400CN on 120. I loved that film...
Thanks! Yeah it's interesting film, i tried using a red filter for about the first half of the roll than I was shooting with a different lens that coudln't fit the filter. the ones with the filter almost look soft, or hazy. Not sure if it's the lens (24-120VR), or the filter, but the red filter+CN B&W didn't really look the same as when I shot with actual B&W with the red filter. That BW400CN though is CONTRASTY i tell you whut, the blacks, go BLACK.