Wow. That is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to attend. Detail, detail, and more detail!

Sorry about the White Castle print. Yikes, 16x20 too... Wow.

I have two 8x10s, one of Petit's Mobil Station and one of Strand Theater. They are both relatively recent prints I ordered directly from him through Afterimage gallery. It is interesting to see how differently he prints Mobil Station these days compared to vintage prints of that negative from the 70s. I had the opportunity to see a vintage one at the Weston Gallery in Carmel and it was very different, with a much lighter sky. Personally I prefer that earlier version but oh well. About two years ago I ordered an 11x14 of "Meadowlands from Secaucus" from him and the print he sent me was actually vintage!! I guess it's not that popular