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The lens that was in the shutter has problems passing light properly. so I thought that I would try the Konica in that shutter. When I took it apart it kinda caught me off gaurd with the spacers.
I'm trying to envision this. When you speak of "spacers between groups" are you refering to the internal locations of the single elements or cemented "pairs/ triples" of lens elements - commonly called "groups"?; or are you referring to a removable "section", used to change focal length - as in "convertable" lenses?

First, the caveat: "I dunno ... anything is possible." Without some indication of the construction of the lens, I'd have to make that answer.
Second, having spent some amount of time working in optical qaulity control and observing problems from spacer errors - defective (out-of-tolerance sizes; wrong ones installed ...) I would say that there would be very little chance of improving the performance of any lens by modifying group placement. If it does, I would be the firt instance I've every heard about.

Give it a shot. Let me know what the results are.