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Looking at MSDS sheets it seems some screen printing sensitisers have formalin in them, which would explain insoluble tissue.
Yep...I saw those data sheets. That is not the sensitizer I used, so that can't be the exact problem that I had. But I saw one datasheet that listed the chemical in question as:

Chemical name DiazoniumSalt: p-diazodiphenylamine sulfate, formaldehyde condensate (41432-19-3).
Note: End product does not contain free formaldehyde.
Emphasis mine.

In the thread from the dye transfer list that I linked to, the OP claims to have tested (successfully) a number of different manufacturer's sensitizers, some of which use the chemical above. I plan on testing it if I can get my hands on it (without having to also purchase the screen emulsion along with it.)