Hi ,
My most recent method was to use an RD Specialties #40 wire rod, wet thickness according to their chart,3.6 mils. I use 2 layers of scotch tape and measure just bairly 8 mills wet thickness. Something made 0.6mils disapear.
Seriously though, I don't have a Brookfield viscometer. But I am absolutely certain that all of these emulsions, gelatin or PVA based, are thixatropic. That is, viscosity ,and therefor rate of flow, are influinced by shear. The faster the draw-down,or the faster the squirt from a syringe, the lower the visositry, and that means more emulsion flowing faster. In the case of PVA based emulsions, there is no thickening due to setting of the emulsion. Therefor the coated emulsion is subject to flowing until the water evaporates.