@btaylor - Yes, KODAK Motion Picture Film channel on Youtube got some other great videos!
btw: in Europe, motion film is strong. It looks like they are trying first to rip-off the US with dig†it†all™ projectors. Not that recently there are some good movies worth going to...lol
@Gerald C Koch - glad You liked it, I though the same as You, so, lets hope more people get to see this video.
@tomalophicon - have some faith, its obvious they are pushing it. Those who are feminine might open their legs for the new slack.
@AlbertZeroK - Same here!
@BetterSense - lets hope there is part 2, the vid was posted last week, so there might be part 2.
@Aristophanes - intelligent comments on Youtube? I liked the joke
@semi-ambivalent - there is no such thing as 25M+ pixels - its all marketing fluffy. The average consumer, in his own mind.. is invincible, so they fall for everything...lol