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I have the manual, but I just found that position a little awkward so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. My previous incident meter was a lot easier to use. I just held it in front of the subject while facing the subject. With the Gossen, I have to turn around and face the camera, or hold the meter horizontal and backwards. I think I may return to the other style of meter (my other one died and the Gossen was handy). I don't really see any advantage to this meter and it is a little awkward, in my opinion.
Incident measures light falling on the subject, not reflected from it. If you were pointing your "incident" meter at the subject, then you were taking a reflected reading. With the Gossen--and any other incident meter I've used--you point the dome at the camera from the subject's position. It's a bit awkward with the old school Gossens since the dome isn't on the front of the meter.