One of the schedualed events will be at Paul Paletties gallery. He has agreed to
open in the morning, either Sat or Sun tbd, He will be there to show all the photo geeks like myself and most of you around and talk about his collection and for me this is great as I get to see the prints again and soak up a bit of history.
Paul really is really cut from another cloth and you will be surprised with his collection if you have not visited him before.

Confirmed as well for the Canadian Invasion , 10 + shows of various artists (myself included) at the Mellwood Art Center. This will probably be Sat night and should be quite an event. We are very lucky Emy at the Mellood Art Center stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for us.

Just think, you can look at my solarizations and say (HUHH what hell are those) Just be gentle on me, I am getting old and feeble and cannot take critisism.

We are now almost sold out so to speak on shows that gallerys are picking, We are talking with about three more exhibit spaces to take on solo shows, once they are confirmed this part of the planning is done.
but we are actively selling Flats for the Kentucky Convention Center. ( It looks like we are taking on the main floor walls and ceilings) So if you are Canadian, if you have a pulse, if you want to join in an festival that will highlight Canadian Artists the third weekend in October , jump in with both feet , get your work out there. Give us a call and we can see how you can be part of the show.

We are checking passports to make sure none of the sneaky americans try to pass themselves off as Canadians to get into the show. If you have no passport then you have to shoot a puck into the top corner of the net to prove your status.