I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to take a week of ”vacation” at Vraa Folk highschool in Denmark. The headline was portrait photography, with Gandolfi (Emil Schildt) as tutor and inspirator.

This short course is an Eldorado for us analouge photographers!

The school has a big studio with nice, big lights, and analogue cameras of all sorts and sizes. The biggest takes negatives (paper negatives was used) at 40x50cm.

Emil made a ”frame” for the course that allows each individual to work to with the areas that person has a personal interest in, or the areas were most help is needed.
He helps/teaches in everything, from basic darkroom work to advanced techniques, based on the darkroom work. We got to work with liquid emulsion, cyanotypes and bromoil printing.

In the studio, we worked with different lightning’s on models; including the technique “paint with light”.

(And if you’re dig****, then you’ll also have advantage of the course. But be careful… 9 out of 10 declared themselves as 100% dig**** in the beginning of the course, but before we left, most had spent days in the darkroom)

In addition to the work in photography, this Folk Highschool provides a frame, which allows ample room for vacation time. And the price, only 4.200Dkr (about 800$) includes the stay/the teaching/lectures/trips and plenty of food…

This gave a taste for more, and I’ll return next year

I’ll recommend this course whole heartedly.