I never bracket IR film except to set up this procedure.

I use a RF camera, and set the camera behind the lens meter to 1000 for 400 speed and meter thru the B&W 092 at a subject that needs to be rendered middle grey on print. Or meter deciduous trees or nice green grass and open one stop.

This works with Leica M and R cameras and the clip on meters. Cameras have SBC cells and clip on has CDS. Both work the same. Any meter made since 1960 has one of these two cell types.

Multiply your film speed by 2.5 and run the test. If your 072 differs by a little, the meter will compensate.

Bracketing this expensive film is a waste of $$$.

My sunny day light exposures were 1/250 at 6.3. Meter or not, this worked every time and I never missed exposure.